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This is not to discourage you from using layouts! I just dont want people stealing em', so all you have to do is click "Join the Community" as always and I'll approve you and your in! No worries. Your Welcome to all the layouts you want as long as you dont give them to other layout communities and as long as you credit, thats all. ♥

This community was just made on 01.23.05. please be patient! we're getting layouts up asap!

We'll make you a great layout, and once finished, it will be available for anyone to use. Everyone wins.

Before requesting a layout, please browse to make sure there's not one that's premade that you'd like to use instead.

Always credit or you will be banned and publicly shamed!!! haha. well....you will....

You will also be banned and publicly shamed if you promote. Durrr. Unless i know you or you have my permission, just dont do it. its dumb.

We have lives and dont sit around making layouts at your beckon call. It may take time, but please.. do not ask for a layout here and then ask for one someplace else. it makes no sense for two communitys to be doing the same job. you are not that special :p

We can always use a helping hand(s)

If your going to request a layout, please fill out the application. If you just want a certain theme, give us a good idea of it and we'll work around it.

Background Image or Color:
Text Effects:
Border type:
Border Color:
Theme(like....you know..):
Other Notes:

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